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Budline Legacy Strains

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Legacy Strains

Creating LA's legacy.


Looking for cannabis meticulously grown indoors in Los Angeles and smartly packaged? Legacy Strains is a good value and certainly worth a try!


One brand packaging up some great cannabis is Legacy Strains. This company out of Los Angeles follows strict standards when growing their cannabis, making sure their products are “free” from pesticides, growth hormones, fungicide, and any other nasty stuff. We love all their strains! We tried these three, Cherry Pop, Maui Wowie, and 24K. We enjoyed them all, and each one had a different smell, taste, and feeling. Packaged in a fun little glass jar with branding with fun names and stickers, we love how this company has approached their products, and is how it’s employing Angelinos to make some good cannabis the right way. We recommend you try Legacy Strains.

Cherry PopMaui Wowie (Afgoo X), 24K.

Highly Recommended

$38-45 for a 3.5 (1/8th) jar of cannabis flowers

Legacy Strains | legacystrains.com | Instagram @legacystrains

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