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One week into flower... single ended bulbs hummin..... it’s like the 90’s never ended!
Website Has been updated! I think the original was done about three years ago, and just was never a priority to update it but it has been now!
Harvest time!Afgoo x Maui Wowie. Should be hitting the shelves in about a month. The last time this was out we sold out of it in two weeks so stay tuned so you don’t miss this batch!
Afgoo x Maui Wowie 
Next run flushing! 
here are some pics. And a video. This batch is looking like it is ripening perfectly. Shout out to @jorgecervantesmj for teaching me how to grow. #marijuanahorticulture
Shirt at the bottom of my drawer maybe the shirt was printed in 02?
New packaging compliant for January 1, 2020. 
it is what it is 🤷🏻‍♂️
but it’s the same box with the same joints on the inside of the mylar bag.
Platinum Cookies are finally about to drop!!! These are the Cookies that Santa really wants for Christmas! Milk optional... should be hitting store shelves by Friday. The fresher you can get it the better, included the THC results although if any of you know me you know that THC results are the last thing I look at critiquing weed. ( and I don’t mean that to sound as pretentious as it does)
Afgoo X Maui Wowie week 5
I’m still a little amazed at how fast the last batch sold out I don’t think it was around for longer than two weeks. May have to do a whole room of it instead of a split room soon.
Legacy Strains Thanksgiving potluck
Excise tax going up. Marijuana taxes going up... so January 1 taxes are going to probably add another 3 to 5 dollars on eighth prices? 
haven’t really crunched the numbers but... as with everything else if we want to change this it is up to us to get involved. Join @socalcoalition it’s important we have a voice from producers all the way to consumers. Otherwise this will just keep continuing to get messed up.